Don’t underestimate the benefits of magnesium
Published Monday, April 20th 2015

The nutrient magnesium is not only an important component for the growth and bloom of plants, it is also a crucial mineral nutrient for human and animal health.

According to Jaap Brink, former area representative at K+S Benelux in Breda, today active with Brink Business and within the Netherlands representative for the potassium and magnesium products of the K+S KALI GmbH, the essential contribution of magnesium to the fertilization of agriculture and horticulture plants is underestimated. “In fertilization planning magnesium plays an inferior role or no role at all, despite its essential contribution to increase the quality and the revenues of plants” informs Brink. “It is common knowledge that magnesium is responsible for a lot more than the generation of chlorophyll. A magnesium deficiency not only occurs when the magnesium concentration in the ground is too low, also dry periods and unbalanced fertilization of plants can lead to a magnesium deficiency. The cultivator is often not aware of this” he adds.

Not only magnesium, but also elements like sulphur, boron, manganese and zinc should be integrated in the fertilization of ground and plants. The products of the EPSO family completely fulfil the requirements of plant fertilization.